Why Podpass

We have created Podpass to offer brands privileged, personalized access to the world of audio, and podcasting in particular.

Our tailor-made service is positioned in the world of influence, where advertising is perceived more as a recommendation and an invitation to engage. 

Andréane Viau


A podcast producer and digital strategist, Andreane has extensive experience in content marketing for international brands, combining creativity and performance.

Stéphane Berthomet


As a creator and producer of podcasts for major media since 2017, Stéphane has in-depth knowledge of the audio world and recognized, sought-after expertise in the podcast universe.

Whether through personalized messages, partnerships or episodes specially dedicated to your brand or products, host-reading is the method that most respects the listener's experience and best reinforces a brand's impact.

Our aim is to improve and simplify your advertising experience.

We value truth and storytelling.

  • We have extensive experience in digital audio and storytelling, and know the power of stories to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.
  • We understand that every brand is unique, and that every listener is an individual with his or her own interests and experiences.
  • We chose host-reading for its power and authenticity, both for the brand and the host.

Frequently asked questions

What is Podpass?

Podpass is a Quebec-based company offering turnkey advertising and host-reading visibility services in relevant and influential podcasts. If you're an advertiser, we'll search the entire existing production for the podcast(s) best suited to your message, and if you're a podcaster, we'll find you the brand that perfectly matches your style and content.

What is host-reading?

Host-reading is the reading of an advertising or brand partnership message by a podcast host.

Can Podpass find English-language podcasts or podcasts from outside Canada for my brand?

We don't operate on a closed circuit, and our search for partnerships covers the entire production spectrum, regardless of language or territory. Our vast network and excellent knowledge of the podcast ecosystem enable us to establish agreements with all the podcasts likely to meet your needs.

What distinguishes your services from other forms of advertising?

The services we offer are tailor-made for both brands and podcasts, and we've chosen host-reading specifically for its effectiveness and respect for the audience.

Our approach is based above all on the value of the audience, which is not really the case with dynamic insertion (a technique we have chosen not to use).

Are podcast ads effective?

Yes, a large proportion of listeners have already taken action after listening to podcast advertising. What's more, according to a study by ARN Neurolab, podcast advertising is 30% more reliable for consumers than advertising on social networks.

As a podcaster, do I need to sign an exclusivity contract?

The agreement we sign for you with a brand is your only obligation. You do not have to register for a "file" or make any other commitment to us other than to respect the signed agreement.

How does Podpass pay for brand-podcast agreements?

Podpass receives a percentage of the amount of the agreement signed between the brand and the podcast host in exchange for its services. This amount may vary depending on the nature and scope of the agreement signed, and will be reduced if contact with the brand is made by the host and not by Podpass.

How can Podpass help me monetize my podcast?

By partnering with a brand or creating advertising messages with you in your podcast, Podpass enables you to receive revenues that vary according to the nature of the agreement and the reach of your podcast.

Can I advertise as soon as I launch my podcast?

It's far preferable for your content to have reached a certain reach before we can enter into a fruitful agreement for you and an interesting brand, but if you're sure your content will quickly reach a large audience, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the Podcaster page.

How does Podpass ensure that ads are relevant to my brand's audience?

Based on the requirements defined with you, the Podpass team searches and identifies podcasts in all existing productions that correspond to your needs.

What impact does integrating ads have on my podcast listening experience?

Podpass integrated ads are read by you, which makes them more natural and much less intrusive for the audience than any other form of advertising.

As a podcaster, what's in it for me to use Podpass for a brand deal?

Podpass takes care of all discussions, contracts, copywriting and message setup. All you have to do is validate and record the message - we'll take care of everything! When you call on Podpass, you're guaranteed to get the best possible deal with a brand, and to get the most out of it, worry-free!

Finally, we don't ask you to sign any commitment with us; we offer you contracts and then you choose.

As a brand, what's the point of adding podcast advertising to a traditional campaign?

Unlike traditional advertising, the audio advertising market is far from saturated, and a brand that enters this sector is guaranteed to have a significant lead over its competitors.

Audio advertising also lasts longer, for a much lower budget than TV or radio. What's more, given its relatively modest costs, audio advertising makes it possible to test campaigns in bold new ways.

Last but not least, it enables you to target your audience very precisely, and even to aim precisely at niche customers.

How can I contact a Podpass expert?

You can speak to an expert by visiting the contact page on the Podpass website.